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Lions Athletics

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Lions Athletics

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6 months ago @ 11:25AM

New Concord Christian All Sports Booster Club To Meet Oct. 1st at 6:00 PM!!

Come Help Us Become An Elite Athletic Program
The CCS Athletic Department and All Sports Booster Club would like to invite every parent of student athlete and all supporters of CCS athletics to come out to our first All Sports Booster Club Meeting on Monday Oct. 1st at 6:00 PM in the church fellowship hall.  We will be laying out our plans for the future of athletics and CCS and how we are going get there.  We would love for you to be a part of the future of CCS Athletics. 

Dear Parents of CCS Athletes:

Embrace the chase to elite..Become the Rabbit

Elite is exclusive and elusive.

My dad used to tell me to "chase the rabbit."  He would talk about the dogs at the track in Florida that would race chasing down the mechanical rabbit.  He would tell me to find the teacher that was the best and be better.  Find the best coach out there and be better. Chase the rabbit.  I always wanted to be the rabbit. 

We are not talking about being elitist.  We are talking about operating at an elite level. 

Operating at elite levels competitively and personally is exclusive because the price of entry is more than most are willing to pay. A simple truth almost everyone ignores: most people never put sustained effort into being elite in their craft. The main reason there are not more elite operating people isn’t because it’s too hard to achieve, it’s because it’s too difficult to try. Actually getting to elite is far more realistic than people believe. 

Elite is elusive for two main reasons: (1) there is no clear, guaranteed path to follow. You have to create paths that twist, turn, backtrack, and change direction. You constantly feel lost on the way. There are no trail signs to elite; (2)  When you get close to elite, to the rabbit, the work gets harder, the competition gets more intense, the standards get higher, the criticism gets more intense and the criticism gets louder.  Once you get to elite, once you become the rabbit, the scale of elite resets and you’re right back to chasing it again, after all the effort to get there in the first place.

Isn’t it fun?  Embrace the chase.   Let's chase the rabbit!  Let's become the rabbit!!

Booster Club Meeting Oct. 1  6:00 PM
We have been working very hard to put the "bones" in place so that we can start on the path to becoming an elite athletic program.  We have written new by laws and constitution for the Booster Club, gained permission to become our own 503C organization, developed a centralized budget with restricted accounts for each sport, set consistent and fair fees and salaries for each sport, created an athletic website for advertising, developed a Corporate/Business and Family Sponsorship and Advertising Package, and we are developing a Sponsor's Wall for the FLC gym area.  Finally we have tied all of this into our golf outing.

We are asking now for your help. We need liaisons for each sport to step up and help us organize team parents and parents willing to step up and  help us create lists of corporations, businesses and families willing to advertise or sponsors various sports.  We need people willing to get out and sell hole and team sponsorships and advertising to our school and at large community.  We need volunteers to help us run the golf outing!  

Let Us Make Our Vision Big
 I told our high school boys the other day at our retreat to tap into the power of belief and who they were in Christ.  A new creature in Christ, indwelled by the Holy Spirit, sealed in Christ, seated at the right hand of the Father as a child of the King, a minister of Christ, a soldier of the cross, a steward of the mysteries of God with every spiritual blessing laid aside before they were even born for their ultimate benefit.  Can we do all things through Christ who strengthens us?  

We serve a great God with unlimited resources so let's make our vision match our belief.  My goal is to raise enough money to fund our athletic programs, build athletic fields and look to the future. 


Now Is The Time!
I don't want to say "now or never" because it is all in God's good timing but I feel a real sense of urgency that if we do not get started we may never have the chance to do again for our student athletes and chase the rabbit!  We are working right now to secure property to build new athletic fields and a few months of delay means another year without.   Our athletes only go through school once.  Let's help them be part of something special here at CCS.  Come out and learn more on Monday October 1 at 6:00 PM!!  

If you cannot attend but would like to help you can contact us at: 

Bruce Johnson
Emile Sloan
Shawn Mee
Robin Baxter


Thank you for all of your support !!
Coach J


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